Rebecca Black's 'My Moment' Video: Cheers or Jeers for the Debut?

Jeffrey Reed

"Confession of the day: I actually like the new single," tweets one, while another opines, "When is this girl gonna realize she CANNOT sing?"

Rebecca Black debuted her new music video, "My Moment," on Monday, and people had plenty to say about it.

The song was scheduled to premiere Monday night on Entertainment Tonight but hit the web a few hours earlier than planned.

“Shh… don’t tell! But my video is up on my channel,” Black tweeted two hours earlier than expected. “Check it out NOW!!!” (Watch the video below.)

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Black first gained fame when her "Friday" video went viral earlier this year, and it seems people were eager to check out her latest song as the aspiring singer's YouTube channel -- which has more than 400,000 followers -- quickly crashed (it was soon up and running again, though).

Those who did check it out hit Twitter to weigh in with their thoughts, making "Rebecca Black" a trending topic on the site Monday afternoon.  Here are some of their reactions:

Hayley Hoover
The computer that sings "This is My Moment" sounds sort of like Rebecca Black.

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LMFAOOOOOO Rebecca Black's new song "My Moment" -dead- when is this girl gonna realize she CANNOT sing?

Dustin Rowles
It's like the Internet is WILLING the new Rebecca Black song to succeed just so it can hate it. Isn't that how Perez Hilton happened?

Brian Haner
Just when you thought it was safe to go back on youtube.

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Fake Dispatch
BREAKING: Twitter apologizes for the down time. Someone in IT with a weak stomach watched the new Rebecca Black video and puked on a server.

Kevin Agron
That awkward moment when Rebecca Black's new song isn't bad....

Rebecca Black's new single came out today - My Moment. I honestly don't think it's that good but it's a whole lot better than Friday! Lol

Confession of the day: I actually like the new single "The Moments." by Rebecca Black :D

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Jonathan Holmes

Rebecca Black may be the first superstar who lost traction because her second single wasn't bad enough-

Jenna Ezarik
My power started flickering just as I was about to watch Rebecca Black's new music video. Maybe that's a sign...

Rebecca Black's new song 'My Moment' makes me question life. I think she should just give up already.

Imran Al Aradi
Rebecca Black will eventually turn into a marketing tool for auto tune software.

The new Rebecca Black video isn't funny... Or good... Way to let me down Rebecca, #yourmomentwasover4monthsago

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Rex Hammock

Can we just cut out the middle part and go straight to when Rebecca Black starts self-destructing and ends up in rehab?

Michael Deppisch
Just saw the new Rebecca Black video. Is it normal to cry blood?

rebecca black's new song = Naw, dont like it. lol.

Watched Rebecca Black's new video. My only comment: Why does she look more famous than she is in this?

Mark Campbell
Dear Rebecca Black: you had your moment. And that was Friday.