Rebecca Taylor to Open Store on Robertson Blvd. - The Stores Who Carry Her Not Happy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When a bestselling designer turns into her own retailer, how do her other retailers feel?

Rebecca Taylor is a New York designer of femmy dresses, sweaters and jackets, that usually have a romantic edge. She's been a great seller in the contemporary sections of department like Saks, Neimans and Bloomingdales, with pieces usually ranged between $300 and $500. And she sells well online, too, at sites like But now Taylor is opening her own retail store in L.A., on Robertson Blvd, in about two weeks. And the other retailers there who cater to that same market -- young, celebrity oriented, trendy and very fashion conscious -- aren't particularly happy. We hear Intermix is seething. 

Taylor was independent for fifteen years, then almost a year ago, was acquired by private equity film Kellwood, who also own Vince, Baby Phat and Adam. So the company is expanding her brand, and pumping money into her name. And she'll no doubt be working the celebrity game even more; already girls like Jordana Brewster, Ashey Tisdale and Sophia Bush have shown up in Taylor's front row in New York. It's funny how now the mid range line of brands is also trying to jump into the branding/celebrity game. But of course, it's good for business, whenever L.A. gets a new store. 

In fact, we hear French designer Isabel Marant, who has one store in France, has signed a deal on a lease on Melrose Place, finally. And that's a good sign -- since there are at least four open retail storefronts there, for some time. The old Sergio Rossi space has been open for at least two years.

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