Rebel Wilson Launches New Clothing Line

Pitch Perfect Rebel Wilson Singing - H 2012

Pitch Perfect Rebel Wilson Singing - H 2012

The Pitch Perfect star debuts cheeky designs for plus sizes.

"Not For Skinny Bitches."

Not your usual fashion slogan, but Rebel Wilson isn't your usual designer.

The name of the line, Fat Mandi, recalls her role in Pitch Perfect, this fall's hit comedy starring Wilson and Twilight’s Anna Kendrick. Wilson’s standout performance as Fat Amy earned her a new following of fans, and the actress is now branching out into clothing design.

The line, which as of now only consists of two t-shirts sporting cupcakes and doughnuts strategically placed across the wearer’s chest, is aimed at sizes 12 through 18 with each shirt selling for $20.

Wilson took to Twitter this week to announce her new project and shared that her inspiration came from a case of an overactive nighttime imagination, "The shirts are just a little experiment -- I had a dream I created them, and so I felt like I had to do it!! Thanks everyone for checking it!”