Recession-hit Britons watching more TV

Brits watch 30 hours of TV a week, more than 4 hours a day

LONDON -- Cash-strapped British viewers are watching a record amount of television -- over 30 hours per week -- according to new industry research published Tuesday.

Using ratings figures from measurement agency he Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB), commercial TV marketing body Thinkbox said the increase was partly due to less out-of-home entertainment spend. The disproportionately cold weather is also thought to be a factor.

Viewing in the first three months of the year averaged four hours and eighteen minutes per day, up from three hours and fifty-six minutes at the same stage last year, an all-time high, driven by viewing on digital channels that are available in the majority of homes, Thinkbox said. "Anyone who doubted the continuing importance and popularity of broadcast TV in the U.K. should hopefully be convinced by these new figures," said the Thinkbox chief executive, Tess Alps, but she warned that the uptick was not set to last forever.

"Record levels are unlikely to continue. We are nearing the peak, if we are not there already. Once analog signals are finally turned off the figures are likely to stabilize, but hopefully will remain at these high levels."
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