Reclaim Your Brain

The lack of subtlety may limit this movie's appeal beyond German audiences.

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The theme of "Reclaim Your Brain" is how crass TV is corrupting the minds of the masses. But the movie's very own lack of subtlety undermines its message. German director Hans Weingartner, whose last feature "The Edukators" did well in the art house market across Europe, fails to engage from the start. The two main characters are not well-constructed and some plot lines do not seem credible. The crudeness of the film may limit its appeal to German-speaking markets.

TV producer Rainer (Moritz Bleibtreu) got to the top by making vulgar programs such as one in which contestants compete to make a master race. Then the mysterious Pegah (Elsa Schultz Gambar) smashes into his car in revenge for her grandfather's suicide, caused by one of Rainer's shows. Suddenly Rainer is inspired to make intelligent programs. When they fail, he sets off with Pegah to uncover a conspiracy surrounding the rigging of audience figures to ensure the masses are fed only trash TV.

The film's struggles come largely in the area of poorly developed main characters. An opening sequence of cocaine-snorting Rainer speeding through traffic in his sports car plays out a tired cliche. And character of the beautiful Pegah is sketchy in the extreme.