Record-setting 'Toy Story' No. 1 again overseas

'Inception' rises to 2; 'Salt' is Jolie's best opening in India

Returning to the foreign theatrical circuit's No. 1 boxoffice perch after three stanzas of also-ran status, Pixar/Disney's "Toy Story 3" drew $63.8 million on the weekend from 7,598 screens in 45 markets, pushing its overseas gross total to $352.8 million.

Finishing a solid No. 2 on the weekend was Warner Bros.' "Inception," which drew $58.6 million from 5,644 venues -- for a $10,383 per-screen average -- in 38 territories. Early international gross total stands at $87.7 million.

Director Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio had No. 1 debuts in France ($9.3 million from 626 locations), Japan ($7.8 million from 525 screens), Russia ($7.1 million from 906 locales), Australia ($6.65 million from 413 situations) and South Korea ($5.1 million from 583 spots). Openings in 13 markets, including Germany, are set for this week.

Sony rolled out "Salt" overseas day-and-date with its domestic release at 748 screens in 17 secondary markets for an opening weekend tally of $5.3 million.

Director Phillip Noyce's Cold War thriller starring Angelina Jolie as a suspect CIA agent premiered at No. 1 in Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. It finished second in India, the best opening in the market for a Jolie title, said Sony. Brazil, Japan, Korea and Russia openings are due this week.

Driving the weekend action for "Toy Story 3" in 3D were record openings in U.K. and Spain. In the U.K., the animation threequel grossed a huge $32.8 million (including previews) from 562 venues, the market's biggest opening ever for an animation title. In Spain, the debut tally was an estimated $7.9 million from 689 spots, also an animation market record.

"Toy Story 3's" foreign cume qualifies the title as Disney's sixth biggest-grossing animation title ever offshore. Openings in German-speaking European territories, plus Portugal, are on tap this week.

Finishing No. 3 on the weekend (down from No. 1 last round) and helping to push Paramount's 2010 foreign boxoffice to about $1.25 billion currently was DreamWorks Animation's "Shrek Forever After" in 3D, which continues to generate substantial business in its graduated overseas rollout. "Shrek's" weekend tally was $34.5 million from 6,505 sites in 44 markets.

No. 1 holds in Mexico and Brazil generated handsome numbers: $4 million from 630 spots in the former for a market total of $18.6 million over two frames, and an estimated $4.1 million in Brazil from 513 locations for a local cume of $27.3 million over three rounds. The fourth "Shrek's" foreign gross total stands at $363.1 million amassed since May 20.

Fourth on the weekend was Summit International's "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which had no new foreign openings on the weekend but nonetheless furnished $20.1 million from 6,580 screens in 69 markets, for an overseas cume of $326.4 million. A No. 1 second weekend in Germany provided an estimated $4.8 million from 768 situations.

Propelled by a No. 3 opening in Germany ($3.4 million from 712 sites), 20th Century Fox's "Knight and Day" landed $15.8 million from 5,430 sites in 60 markets. It ranks at No. 5 on the weekend. Overseas cume stands at $88.7 million.

Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," now playing in about 15% of the total international marketplace, nabbed $11.6 million on the weekend from 2,025 screens in 20 territories.

After 11 days on the foreign circuit, the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced action-fantasy starring Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel stands at $25.9 million, largely derived from Russia (market cume, $10.4 million). Openings in eight markets, including Mexico and Holland, are due this week.

Sony's "The Karate Kid" update starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith has accumulated $65.4 million since it opened on the foreign circuit on June 9. A No. 2 Germany debut provided an estimated $4.4 million from 519 situations. Weekend action overall came to $10.5 million from 1,959 screens in 38 markets.

Fox's "Predators" has generated $48.1 million in total so far overseas. Weekend boxoffice for the sci-fi action title starring Adrien Brody came to $5.66 million from 3,370 venues in 34 territories.

Paramount's "The Last Airbender" landed $4.8 million on the weekend from 1,280 screens in 10 territories, with Japan (market cume $4.1 million in nine days) and Russia (cume $16.5 million) providing most of the overall action.

Director M. Night Shyamalan's fantasy adventure based on a Nickelodeon TV series opened at No. 1 in Turkey and the Philippines, and has rolled up a total gross of $27.4 million overseas. "Airbender" openings in eight markets including France and Belgium are due this week.

Universal's "Despicable Me" opened nicely in Taiwan ($612,000 from 136 sites) and garnered $3 million overall on the weekend from 1,027 spots in nine markets. The family oriented, 3D animation title featuring the voice of Steve Carell has grossed $17.1 million overseas so far. Openings in 10 territories, including Argentina and Mexico, are on tap this week.

In France, Summit International opened (via local distributor SND) "Furry Vengeance" in the market's No. 8 spot. The outdoorsy family comedy starring Brendan Fraser drew $501,003 from 200 locations. Also, Pyramide Distribution premiered Italian import "Le premier quil l'a dit" (Loose Cannons) in the No. 10 slot. Director Ferzan Ozpetek's comedy-drama about a pasta magnate and his two gay sons grossed $368,309 from 82 screens.

Other international cumes: Sony's "Grown Ups," $12.5 million (after a $2.7 million weekend at 715 screens in 11 markets); Universal's "Get Him to the Greek," $21.5 million; Fox's "Marmaduke," $24.9 million; Le Pacte's "Tournee" (On Tour), estimated $2.7 million over four rounds in France only; Fox's "The A-Team," $60.8 million; Universal's "Robin Hood," $204.7 million; Universal's "Fatal," $8.5 million over 40 days in France only; and Universal's "Hanni und Nanni," $4 million Germany and Austria only.

Also, Fuji TV/Toho's "Bayside Shakedown 3: Set The Guys Loose," $52.6 million in four rounds in Japan only; Universal's "Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang," $61.2 million; C.J. Entertainment's "Moss," $13.4 million over 11 days in South Korea only; Universal's "Black Lightning," $22.3 million from eight markets; and Sony's 'The Back-Up Plan, $39.3 million.