'Recording' chronicles music, tech


LRSmedia has started production on "Recording: The History of Recorded Music," an eight-part documentary series that will be narrated by Phil Ramone.

The series will be a chronological exploration of how technology and music have interacted to create sound recordings.

"Artists from every genre have agreed to appear in the series, from singer-songwriters like Billy Joel and Paul Simon to rockers like Peter Frampton and music legends like Les Paul, Dave Brubeck, Smokey Robinson and B.B. King," executive producer Larry Rosen said.

Others who will participate in the series include Clint Eastwood, Quincy Jones, Clive Davis, Phil Spector, Buddy Guy and Chick Corea.

"The story of American music and the story of music technology go hand in hand," said Ramone, a multiple Grammy-winning producer. "What we hear, alone and as a society, is very much influenced by the technology of the day. 'Recording' is an unusual and new look at music that forces each of us, inside and outside of the industry, to ask, 'What's next?' "

A traveling museum exhibition on the history of music and technology is in the works to accompany the docu, as well as a companion book and DVD release. Producers have culled hours archival footage for the docu, which is being shot in high-def.

Filming will be completed in 2009, and the series will be available for distribution later that year or in early 2010.

Ann Donahue is senior editor at Billboard.