'Red 2' Ad Plays Up NSA Scandal (Video)

Jan Thijs/Summit Entertainment
"Red 2"

The latest TV spot for the senior-action sequel integrates movie footage with President Obama's comments on government spying.

Summit Entertainment has taken advantage of the interest in the recent NSA surveillance scandal and created a TV spot for Red 2 including footage from President Obama's press conference on the issue.

The ad begins with Obama saying, "I want to be very clear, nobody is listening to your telephone calls," as a phone rings and footage is shown of John Malkovich's character handing it to Bruce Willis' character.

Subsequent quotes are made to seem like they're describing the elite operatives of the film.

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"The people involved in America's national security take this work very seriously," Obama says as footage of an explosion and Helen Mirren wielding a gun from inside a car airs.

And the spot plays a few quotes for comedic effect, with Obama saying, "They operate like professionals," as the scene of Mary Louise Parker's character maneuvering a car into a tight alleyway is shown.

At the end of the ad, Malkovich's character cuts wires as he tries to dismantle a bomb as Obama says "we're going to have some problems."

In the movie, the sequel to the 2010 hit Red, Willis' retired CIA agent reunites his motley crew of operatives for a mission to Europe to track down a nuclear device. Red 2 hits theaters July 19.

Watch the full TV spot below.