Watch the 'Red Bull Bracket Reel' Dance Competition Final Round Live Stream

Red Bull Bracket Reel - H Publicity 2018
Natahlie Kossek/Red Bull Media House

The performances and results will broadcast live on Friday night.

The winning dance team of Red Bull Bracket Reel will be announced via live stream on Friday.

The entirely user-generated dance competition, featuring choreographed and edited dance videos from collegiate teams, will broadcast its final round at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on YouTube. The two finalists are The Fusion Dance Crew from North Carolina State University and The Cornell Dancers’ Alliance from Cornell University.

The competition started out with 16 teams from across the country and aired over the span of four weeks. Groups moved on based not only on their dance skills, but also the production quality of their videos and editing techniques.

Each of the two finalists will receive a score out of 90 points from a panel of judges — Kash Gaines (cinematography), Galen Hooks (choreography) and Valerie Ramirez (creative) — and then fans will vote in real time to boost their score for up to a total of 100 points. The winner will get to produce a music video with industry experts and be crowned the 2018 Red Bull Bracket Reel Dance champions. 

Veteran breaker Ronnie Abaldonado from Red Bull BC One All Stars will host.