An Industry Exec's Top 10 Red Carpet Essentials for Men

Facebook's head of market development Matt Jacobson -- author of the men's style blog Focus on the Donut -- gives his tips for hitting an awards show in style.

For the latest on what industry men should have during Oscar awards season, THR checks in with fashionable exec Matt Jacobson, Facebook's head of market development, who opines on men's style on his site Focus on The Donut.

PHOTOS: An Industry Exec's Top 10 Red Carpet Essentials for Men

"In a town where everyone is perennially 15 years old, and ironic T-Shirts are unfortunately considered evening wear, I propose that 2012 is your year for Grown Man Style (GMS), and there is no better way to pledge your allegiance than with red carpet attire and accessories," says Jacobson.

His list includes everything from indispensable black silk knit bow ties and Belgian black velvet formal shoes to accessories such as the perfect pen for signing autographs and a hard-to-find lip balm cap. Yes, we said it, lip balm cap. His sources include a store in Chicago that's one of the best places to find a vintage timepiece and a Beverly Hills boutique for just the right luggage.

Says Jacobson: "Red Carpet season is replete with enough rehashes of last year's do's and dont's to fill a Fios box, so this isn't one. Instead of looking back, look forward. With the big nights coming in rapid succession, from the end of January through September’s Emmy's, now's the time to get it together so when you relive, and rewatch your shining moment five year's from now, you wont be in the corner trying to tear your ears off."

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