Red Carpet Skin Tips from New York Dermatologist Dr. David Colbert (Q&A)

Dr. David Colbert - P 2013
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Dr. David Colbert - P 2013

Ever wonder how Naomi Watts or Rachel Weisz got supermodel skin? The famed New York doc has the answer -- and for Oscar week, he's heading West. THR finds out why.

One of the highlights of Oscar season for West Coast fashion/beauty-istas (beauty-istas? Well - why not?) is the annual visit from Dr. David Colbert, New York dermatologist and founder of Colbertmd Skincare. He's also the author of The High School Reunion Diet -- not  bad thing to try out Oscar week either, if you come down with a mild case of Oscarexia!

THR asked the good doctor about the treatment possibilities for those going to rounds of Oscar parties in the next few weeks, and what he recommends.

Colbert: I recommend my Red Carpet Facial, The Triad: a 3 step no-downtime procedure which rejuvenates the skin via a combination of  microderm abrasion, laser toning to build collagen - and lastly, gentle exfoliation with lavender flower acids. Then I prescribe the Colbertmd Skincare signature products, including ILLUMINO facial oil, Stimulate Serum and Heal and Soothe - those are incorporated to maintain a Supernova Glow all Oscar weekend long.

THR: We know you have this A-list client base in both New York and L.A.- and while you can't really say who they are, Naomi Watts talked about you in the February Vanity Fair! Were you surprised?

Colbert: No, I don't like to mention my clients' names -- but they are allowed to talk about me if they want to! I was thrilled to read what Naomi said about me in Vanity Fair, it was so sweet. “Dr. Colbert's facials really bring my skin back to life, even with all the late nights. And I'm a big fan of looking natural and rested. I don't wear much make-up either, so I like to treat myself to his Triad facial micro-dermabrasion, gentle laser toning plus a light fruit acid peel. I walk out  red-carpet ready and you'd honestly never know I just had a facial - you just look dewy and fresh. It's one of my secret weapons."

THR: So you are setting up in Beverly Hills the week before the Oscars - is this to treat clients like Naomi ---and other Oscar nominated actress who might attend with her movie star husband? February Vogue says you created your 20-minute Triad treatment for clients like Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Watts.

Colbert: I'll definitely be seeing my actress clients who'll be going to the Oscars that week. But I have lots of other Hollywood clients -- both men and women: Executives, editors, actors and actresses. And anyone who wants to book an appointment with me in L.A. from February 18th to February 24 can come to my satellite office.

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