'Red Eagle' finally ready to fly

Production delayed for a year after Everingham injury

HONG KONG -- Production has finally got underway on "The Red Eagle," a Thai superhero movie after a year of delay.

The $5 million picture stars one of Thailand's most bankable actors, Ananda Everingham ("Shutter") as a masked crime fighter who doubles as a drunken playboy lawyer. He is regularly bailed out of trouble by his female assistant, played by singer-actress Yarinda Bunnag.

The picture, an adaptation of a 1960s TV series, was unveiled two years ago by producer Five Star Entertainment as a vehicle for director Wisit Sasanatieng ("Tears of the Black Tiger," "Citizen Dog"). But production was held up when Everingham sustained serious foot injuries in a motorbike accident.

Five Star has since joined with financier and post-production group Kantana to make the picture a co-production with a budget better fitting Sasanatieng's ambitious visual palette.

Five Star said that the picture will be delivered in summer 2010.