Red Herring plans Canada tech confab


MONTREAL -- Digital media group Red Herring Inc. on Wednesday unveiled plans for a major Canadian technology conference next year designed to match domestic digital media players with investors.

"Canada is the leader right now in R&D among the G8. A lot of people don't know that," Tom Sweeney, head of Garage Technology Ventures Canada and an advisor to Red Herring, said at a Montreal press conference.

The Red Herring Canada conference is scheduled for June 13-15 in Montreal and will be modeled on the company's European Technology Roundtable Exhibition, according to Red Herring vp Farley Duvall.

The conference is expected to host about 700 players in digital technology and venture capital markets.

In addition to a thriving video game industry in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal also are home to long-standing special effects hardware and software producers.

Duvall described the company's foray into Canada as part of an effort to globalize the magazine in content and readership.

The aim is a "pan-Canadian" readership and content, he added.

"Montreal really encapsulates where a lot of the innovation and transformation in private equity is going on," Duvall said.

Red Herring is the latest evolution for a onetime dot-com darling that was originally launched in 1990. It floundered in the tech bust at decade's end but was relaunched in 2004.

"Red Herring has gone from a very Silicone Valley-focused magazine to what is now a must-read global magazine," Sweeney said. "It covers technology the way the Economist covers politics."