Red Hour's Upcoming Projects

John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images

Thirteen years after joining forces with producer Stuart Cornfeld, Stiller's company, named after a favorite Star Trek episode, is moving forward with a host of film and TV vehicles.

Perfect Crime

A remake of the Spanish film El Crimen Perfecto, the Fox comedy centers on a department store salesman who's implicated in a murder -- then blackmailed into an affair with the ugliest woman alive. Red Hour will produce the film, written by Pam Brady.

Zoolander 2

The movie, which Stiller hopes to star in late next year, resumes 10 years after the original. Owen Wilson returns as co-star. The project is set up at Paramount and written by Stiller and Justin Theroux, with the latter to direct. Red Hour is producing with Scott Rudin.

Help Me Spread Goodness

The story focuses on a banker who gets caught in a Nigerian e-mail scam, then goes after the guy who ripped him off -- only to be shocked by the poverty he discovers. Mark Friedman wrote the script, which Stiller will star in and direct. Participant Media, which makes socially oriented films, is also involved. 

What Makes Sammy Run?

Stiller and Jerry Stahl finished a screenplay some 14 years ago, and Red Hour has retained the rights to Budd Schulberg's novel ever since. Initially, Stiller planned to play the driven young screenwriter who has become a byword for ambition, but now he will just direct.

Untitled David O. Selznick Film

Rampart writer-director Oren Moverman has written a script that follows the producer during the making of Gone With the Wind. Stiller plans to play Selznick in the HBO production, with Moverman directing. Red Hour is producing with Paula Morgan and Selznick's son, Daniel.

Civilwarland In Bad Decline

Adapted from the short story by MacArthur "Genius" Award winner George Saunders, who also scripted, CivilWarLand has Sean Penn and Wilson attached to star in the film about a Civil War-themed amusement park overrun by gangs. Stiller will direct.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Red Hour is producing the long-in-the-works remake, along with Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and his son John. Originally at New Line, the movie -- based on James Thurber's short story about a compulsive daydreamer who has to deal with the real world -- is now being made at Fox, with a script by Steve Conrad. Stiller will play Mitty and direct, and plans to start shooting in April.


The comedy, written by Anthony Barrile and Geoffrey Nauffts, follows an estranged family of theater professionals who reunite to mount a Broadway musical. Red Hour is producing with Jonathan Burkhart and Rocket Pictures. Elton John is writing the songs for the play-within-the film. No studio is attached.

The Mountain

Based on Edith Wharton's novel Summer, this horror story follows a young woman who attempts to uncover the secrets of her small town after stumbling upon a possibly supernatural object. Stiller will direct from a script by Helen Childress and Carlos Brooks. The project is being developed at Fox.

The Great Beyond

Steve Coogan stars as the washed-up lead of a campy sci-fi television show who attends one of its cultlike conventions. He produces with Red Hour and his production partner Henry Normal, with a script by David Guion and Michael Handelman. No studio is attached.

Quantum Hoops

Based on a documentary, this Disney-based comedy follows the Caltech basketball team that lost 245 straight games and the exiled NCAA coach who tries to get them one victory. Stan Chervin wrote the script. No director is attached.