'Red Sparrow' Trailer Teases Manipulative, Dangerous Jennifer Lawrence

“When we finish with you, the person you were will no longer exist,” Lawrence's Dominika is told as she endures harsh training to become a spy.

“Die or become a sparrow.”

In the new full-length trailer for 20th Century Fox’s spy thriller Red Sparrow, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence must go to great lengths to not only become a secret agent known as a sparrow, but also to escape the restraints of being one.

In the trailer, Lawrence’s Dominika Egorova is sent to sparrow school, a secret intelligence service that trains young adults to use their bodies and minds as weapons. Dominika, along with other students, is specially trained in “psychological manipulation."  

“When we finish with you, the person you were will no longer exist,” Dominika is told as she struggles to endure the pain of each special training exercise. The trailer teases that “in the game of deception,” Dominika will soon “become a master.”

After completing her training, Dominika is assigned to take down a rogue American CIA agent (Joel Edgerton), who soon tries to convince her to make those behind the sparrow service pay. Seeemingly playing both sides, Dominika soon becomes a threat to the sparrows, with Edgerton's character believing there’s more to her than anyone truly knows.

Directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously worked with the actress on the Hunger Games films, the movie also features an eclectic cast: Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker and Matthias Schoenaerts.

The film is set to hit theaters on March 2.