Red Square Screenings to be Launched in Moscow to Promote Russian Films

The event, inspired by other international expos, will run in October.

MOSCOW -- Russia’s main film-financing agency, the federal fund for social and economic support to the film industry, is launching Red Square Screenings, a program aimed to expose Russian fare to international distributors, festival selectors and sales agents and to improve local films’ international profile.

“Developing the concept of Red Square Screenings, we took into account the experience of Unifrance, the annual screenings of French films, and we also looked at the Latin American film market Ventana Sur,” Yelena Romanova, head of the cinema fund’s international department, said in a statement.

The first edition of the event is to run on October 15 to 20 of this year. It will be organized by the initiative group RAC (Russians Are Coming!) and headed by producer Yevgeny Gindilis, known for running the CentEast international event, held in Warsaw every fall.

“We consider CentEast a very successful project, based on its more than three years of existence,” Gindilis told The Hollywood Reporter. “And we will develop Red Square Screenings on its basis.” According to Gindilis, screenings of completed films from Russia and neighboring countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, will be added to CentEast’s traditional work-in-progress format.

This year, at least 40 to 50 films will be screened in various formats, including actual screenings, a video library and online screenings, he added.

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