Red Sun touting two titles

Matsutani seeks backing for  "Believer" and "Replay"

CANNES -- Rainer Matsutani, one of Germany's most in-demand TV directors, is making the leap into the international film world with his U.K.-German shingle Red Sun Pictures, trolling around Cannes to secure final financing of what are planned as the company's first two features: "Daydream Believer" and "Replay."

"Daydream," which Matsutani co-wrote with his wife Noemi Domokos is being set up as a $6 million co-production with Berlin-based Akkord Film. The psychological drama focuses on a man who is haunted by a "Waltons" style TV family that comforted him in his youth but now threatens his sanity.

"Replay," which Matsutani co-wrote with Fabian Marquez ("Better Luck Tomorrow") is an $8 million sci-fi thriller about a sadistic game played on a modern-day woman by people in the future. Matsutani is set to direct both films, with shooting planned for 2009.

Matsutani launched Red Sun under the radar four years ago. His partner is U.K. producer Alex Boden, who replaced company founder Tim Cranage after he passed away. Matsutani is best known in Germany for his big budget TV dramas, including Pope assassination drama "Final Proclamation" and disaster movie "The Inferno." He also directed several episodes of cult Sci-Fi miniseries "Lexx: The Dark Zone."