Reddit Chief Engineer Bethanye Blount Quits

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Blount's departure comes less than a week after Ellen Pao resigned as interim CEO from the online community.

Reddit has lost another top executive. 

Chief engineer Bethanye Blount has quit her job at the online community less than a week after interim CEO Ellen Pao announced her resignation. 

Blount told tech blog Recode that her departure, which comes just two months after she joined Reddit from Facebook, is not directly linked to Pao's exit, but she acknowledged that she does not have confidence in the company's current direction. "I feel like there are going to be some big bumps on the road ahead for Reddit," she told Recode

Reddit has faced mounting backlash from its community in recent weeks over the firing of Victoria Taylor, the employee responsible for coordinating Reddit's popular Ask Me Anything feature. Many users blamed Pao for Taylor's dismissal. 

Last week, Reddit board member Sam Altman released a statement saying that Pao's departure from the company was a "mutual agreement," later noting that Reddit user's comments about Pao "were sickening to see." 

Blount is the third high-profile female employee to leave the company, and she told Recode that she believes Pao's exit was indirectly related to gender discrimination, but she added, "I wouldn't say my decision to leave was directly related to my gender." 

Reddit co-founder and original CEO Steve Huffman has returned to the company to replace Pao as CEO. 

A Reddit spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.