Redlasso opts to rope in video clipping

Company faced with NBC Universal, Fox lawsuit

Faced with a lawsuit by NBC Universal and Fox, Redlasso has announced that it will cut access to its video clipping service.

The King of Prussia, Pa.-firm had become popular on the Web in recent months for allowing bloggers and others to capture and edit clips of broadcast and cable TV programs for use on their sites. But what made it so compelling for Web users drew the ire of big media companies, which filed suit last week to halt what they called copyright infringement.

While saying it believed that what it was doing was permissible under law, Redlasso said it won't allow access to that part of its service. It also will continue to reach out to content providers in an effort to get them to work within Redlasso's system.

"Redlasso's goal is to develop a platform that provides content owners and bloggers a viable solution to tracking and monetizing content online, not to engage in lawsuits," Redlasso CEO Ken Hayward said.

Two other Redlasso operations, a tracking and clipping service for businesses and a service that allows radio stations to clip and upload its content online, remain in operation.