RedOne on Lady Gaga Collaboration: 'It Comes Naturally'

The renowned producer also discusses Jennifer Lopez, U2 and bringing Europop to the U.S in a new Billboard cover story.

Five years after producing Lady Gaga's breakout hit "Just Dance," Moroccan-born producer RedOne is one of the hottest names in the business. His Euro-style dance beats have introduced a new wave of techno-pop to the American music industry, something he credits to luck and timing.

"The moment the public heard ['Just Dance'], they bought into it," RedOne, born Nadir Khayat, told Billboard in a new cover story. "Big DJs -- I'm not going to mention names -- come to me and thank me for opening those doors for them."

Today, RedOne and Gaga still work together as much as possible. The two recently co-wrote tracks for Jennifer Lopez's new album, which RedOne revealed would lean heavily on the dance beats for which he's known.

When it comes to his and Gaga's musical chemistry, RedOne said it "comes naturally."

"We never spend energy on anything," he explained. "She trusts it if I say, 'Oh, maybe this is not the right thing,' and vice versa."

The producer is currently recording an album with U2. Read the story in its entirety at