Redstone's Ex Urges Judge Not to Dismiss in Middle of Trial

David Livingston/Getty Images; Donato Sardella/Getty Images
Sumner Redstone, Manuela Herzer

Manuela Herzer's attorneys claim that Redstone's responses were "rehearsed" after Redstone called Herzer a "f—ing bitch" in a taped deposition.

Sumner Redstone's former companion Manuela Herzer has responded after the mogul called her a "f—ing bitch" in a taped deposition.

Herzer's attorneys are aiming to get a judge to reject Redstone's motion to dismiss his healthcare trial, which began on Friday. According to the opposition, filed Sunday in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Herzer's attorneys suggest that Redstone's answers are not clear and that he and his speech therapist had been prompted to "rehearse his responses." They also suggest Redstone's profanities do not represent his "true feelings."

A renewed motion to dismiss filed on Sunday by Redstone's attorneys argues that the mogul was clear in his comments on Herzer in the deposition, making the overall statement, "I want Manuela out of my life." The motion also states there was no "compelling evidence that Mr. Redstone did not understand what he was doing when he removed Ms. Herzer from his advanced healthcare directive or that the wishes he expressed last week were the product of undue influence." 

Redstone's attorneys respond that a full trial regarding his decision to end his relationship with Herzer is "not reasonably necessary to protect his interests." 

Redstone said in his deposition that he wanted his daughter Shari Redstone to make his healthcare decisions. A judge will rule a decision on Monday. 

Petitioner Response Re Motion to Dismiss by The Hollywood Reporter

Renewed Motion to Dismiss Petition by The Hollywood Reporter