Reed Hastings Celebrates 100 Million Netflix Subscribers by Eating a Steak Alone at Denny's

Reed Hastings - H - 2016

"Celebrating 100 million members the same way I did 1m," writes the Netflix CEO. "#Superstitious."

Some CEOs stage elaborate parties to celebrate important company milestones.

Not Reed Hastings. The Netflix chief celebrated his company's reaching 100 million subscribers with a steak dinner — alone at Denny's.

Hastings shared the news Friday afternoon in a Facebook post that shows a photo of him engaging in what appears to be a tradition. "Celebrating 100 million members the same way I did 1m," reads the caption, "a steak alone at Denny's. #Superstitious."

The streaming giant announced Monday during its first-quarter earnings call with investors that it was close to surpassing the milestone. Some Wall Street analysts had been expecting the company to hit 100 million during the first quarter, but it came up just short, with over 98.7 million.

Currently, the majority of its members are in the United States, though a recent push into new international markets has significantly boosted Netflix's subscriber base overseas.

Co-founded by Hastings in 1997 as a DVD-by-mail business, Netflix made a move into streaming in the mid-2000s and has since become a juggernaut through its library of original and licensed programming.