Reed's Roster

Netflix's CEO shares his 10 all-time favorite films

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1. "Sophie's Choice" (1982)
"I was studying European history when the movie came out and it made it all very clear and compelling for me."

2. "American History X" (1998)
"Intensity and human transformation."

3. "Slumdog Millionaire" (2008)
"A story that is shocking and different and charming and disturbing."

4. "Across the Universe" (2007)
"For originality in filmmaking, somewhere between reality and fantasy with pseudo Beatles music."

5. "Borat" (2006)
"For its shock value. Jerry Seinfeld recommended it to me the day it came out and I got the last seat in the theater."

6. "The Celebration" (1998)
"It's dark, simple, spare."

7. "Just Another Love Story" (2007)
"An unbelievable Danish thriller that's spellbinding."

8. "I Love You Phillip Morris" (2009)
"I found the sex scenes a little shocking but Jim Carrey doing a love story with Ewan McGregor was original and hilarious -- and a true story."

9. "The Lives of Others" (2006)
"Very political ... human beings in an evil situation."

10. "Moonlight Mile" (2002)
"Sweet sadness."