Driver Who Hit Reese Witherspoon Not Facing Charges, Must Retake Driving Test

Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Reese Witherspoon

The 84-year-old woman has 30 days to schedule the test with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The 84-year-old driver who hit Reese Witherspoon earlier this week has 30 days to schedule a time to retake her driving test with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A police department spokesperson noted that drivers who are involved in collisions similar to the one that took place with the woman the Witherspoon must take a driving test to ensure that they understand the rules of the road and have the skills to drive safely, regardless of age. According to police, the driver's age did affect their decision to act on the requirement.

Witherspoon was jogging in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon when she was struck by a car. Santa Monica police said the Oscar-winning actress was hit while running, with the car traveling at about 20 miles per hour. Witherspoon suffered minor injuries. Police called the incident, which was caused by the woman because she failed to stop at an intersection, "minor."

The actress said that she would not be pressing charges against the driver, according to published reports, with it being treated as an accident.