Reese Witherspoon Arrest: Actress Asked Officer to Keep Pregnancy Secret

Reese Witherspoon Oscars After Party - P 2013
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon Oscars After Party - P 2013

Newly surfaced footage also shows the Oscar winner questioning if the Atlanta police officers were actually members of law enforcement.

The Reese Witherspoon arrest footage keeps coming.

In video obtained by E Online, Witherspoon is seen talking to an officer after having an argument with one of his colleagues.

The footage comes from an April 19 incident in which Witherspoon and her husband, CAA Jim Toth, were arrested in Atlanta. Toth had allegedly been driving erratically and was pulled over on suspicion of DUI. Both were booked, and on Thursday, Toth pled guilty and Witherspoon pled no contest to physical obstruction. Footage from the arrest has been making its way online, including video showing her arguing with an officer and later being handcuffed by him.

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In the latest footage, Witherspoon says she was frustrated that the officer arrested her husband refused to answer her questions. She adds that she was in the early stages of a pregnancy and had to use the restroom.

She also tells the officer her security guard advised her always to see proper identification from anyone claiming to be a police officer. The officer says this isn’t necessary, because he and his colleagues were in marked patrol cars, wearing uniforms and carrying badges.

Later, at a detention center, the officer says he will inform his colleagues she is pregnant out of consideration for her condition.

“I’d prefer you didn’t tell people, because I’m trying to keep it secret,” Witherspoon says.

On Thursday, Witherspoon appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to make amends for her arrest. She told George Stephanopoulos she told the arresting officer "all kinds of crazy things,” including that she was pregnant. But on GMA Witherspoon said she was not actually pregnant.

Watch the footage at E Online.