Reese Witherspoon Arrest: Husband Says She 'Turned It Into National News' (Video)

Reese Witherspoon Jim Toth - P 2013
Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon Jim Toth - P 2013

New footage from the April 19 incident reveals an argument between the actress and Jim Toth.

Footage of Reese Witherspoon's arrest keeps on coming.

In a new TMZ-obtained video from the actress' April 19 booking for disorderly conduct, Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth are heard on dash-cam arguing about the incident, which began when Toth -- a CAA agent -- was pulled over for driving erratically and arrested for DUI. On Thursday, May 2, Toth pled guilty and Witherspoon pled no contest to physical obstruction.

"He asked you to get in the car and all you should have done is let me get arrested," says Toth, to which Witherspoon responds: "Arrested for WHAT?"

Toth: "A DUI."

Witherspoon: "What did I get arrested for?"

Toth: "You wouldn't listen to what he said to do and you kept getting into the car and now you've turned it into national news."

Witherspoon: "I had threatened him and put him in a position where he feels vulnerable? Come on, honey."

Toth: "It just turned it really bad is all I'm saying. It was my bad."

The couple, who married in 2011 and welcomed a son in September of last year, bickered in a respectful manner and using their inside voices. Toth's voice registers as gentle yet slightly exasperated with his strong-willed wife. In videos posted online Thursday, Toth is shown apologizing to the officer after Witherspoon was handcuffed and had settled down. “I'm sorry, I had nothing to do with that,” he said of her outburst.

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A contrite and "embarrassed" Witherspoon offered a public mea culpa on ABC’s Good Morning America this week, telling George Stephanopoulos that she “literally panicked” when she saw her husband was being arrested and told the officer "all kinds of crazy things."

The same day, Witherspoon pled no contest to physical obstruction for disobeying the officer's order to stay in the car after Toth was pulled over. Toth pled guilty to the charge of driving under the influence. Witherspoon will pay a $213 fine, while Toth will perform 40 hours of community service and attend an alcohol education program. He received 12 months of probation.