Reese Witherspoon Re-created Iconic 'Legally Blonde' Style Moments

'Legally Blonde' (2001)

Sometimes the most unexpected people end up at Harvard in this box office hit, which earned $141.7 million worldwide. 

Elle Woods (and that sequin bikini) is back to remind you how to bend and snap.

Yesterday, July 13, was the 15th anniversary of the Reese Witherspoon classic Legally Blonde, and the actress celebrated the "Perfect Day" with a barrage of Instagram posts in which she re-created some of Elle Woods' most iconic style moments.

The most memorable looks from the film made an appearance on her feed, including the sequined bikini from her Harvard Law School entrance-exam video, her baby-pink bunny costume, her fuchsia newsboy cap and, of course, the totally practical fuzzy pen. 

Fifteen years may have passed since the first bend and snap, but the ageless Witherspoon still looks exactly the same as the Elle Woods that graduated in 2004. Seriously, the photos could pass as vintage images from the original set. 

See the nostalgic images below. (Warning: major early 2000's fashion flashbacks ahead.)