New 'This Means War' Clip Features Chris Pine and Tom Hardy's Unconventional Romancing Techniques (Video)

An Awkward Encounter
Kimberley French/ Twentieth Century Fox

The boys shake hands as Witherspoon's character, Lauren, watches in horror.

The rom com, starring Reese Witherspoon, was pushed up and will open on Valentine's Day.

Creepy or romantic?

In a new clip from the upcoming spy-thriller-meets-rom-com This Means War, starring Reese Witherspoon, both Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are pursuing the actress' Lauren Scott. But, instead of going a normal route, both men, who are CIA operatives, have their spy teams try to find out her most intimate likes and dislikes in order to woo her. 

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However, Hardy intercepts Pine's plans to impress Witherspoon with his knowledge of her favorite painter (via information being fed to him through an earpiece) and the date goes a bit off course. 

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The film, directed by McG, opens Feb. 14 after being moved up from it's original Feb. 17 release date. 

Watch the new clip below.