Regis Philbin's Departure Pushes 'Live!' to Syndicated Sweep Victory, 'Dr. Phil' Still Tops for Season

David Russell/ABC Domestic TV

At the end of the November sweep, Philbin's swansong gave his series the edge over Oprah Winfrey's ratings heir apparent among talk shows.

Thanks to the huge audience that tuned in Nov. 18 to see Regis Philbin’s last show, Live With Regis & Kelly scored a 6.7 rating that day and a 3.3 rating during the just concluded November sweeps, making it the top rated talk show in national syndication for the period.

However, Dr. Phil remains the top talk show for the season to date by a wide margin. Dr. Phil rated 3.2 during the sweeps and has a season to date average rating of 3.2 as well, which translates into 4.2 million people a day watching his show.

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That compares to a 2.7 season to date average for Live, which is an average of 3.6 million viewers a day.

In the week after Regis left, when Jerry Seinfeld was co-host from Monday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Live averaged a 3.4 rating, which is 4.5 million daily viewers.

The top show in national syndication for sweeps, for the season and for the 61st sweeps period on a row was Judge Judy, who had an average 7.2 rating for sweeps. That’s just above her season to date average rating of 7.1, which translates into 9.6 million viewers a day.

Entertainment Tonight with a 4.0 rating during sweeps led the TV magazines for the 85th consecutive sweep.  E.T. has a 3.8-rating season to date, which is 5.5 million viewers. It has been the number one magazine show since 1990.

The second highest rated talk show is Dr. Oz, which had a 2.8 rating for sweeps, and a 2.9 rating season to date, which is 3.8 million viewers a day.

Among shows that debuted this season, Anderson starring Anderson Cooper was tops for sweeps with a 1.4 rating, which is also his season to date average. That is 1.8 million viewers. That means his show has improved since its debut week compared to the sweeps period by 27%.

On Wednesday, Warner Bros. Telepictures announced that The Allbritton station group is the latest to renew the one-hour talk show for a second season. That means Anderson is now set to air in more than 89% of the country for its second season beginning in Sept. 2012.

Among freshman talk shows Anderson had a more than two to one rating margin over his nearest daytime competitor Jeremy Kyle, who had a .6 rating during sweeps, which is up 20% from his opening week. Season to date Kyle is averaging a .5 rating, which is 712,000 viewers a day.

Gloria Allred in We The People also had a .5 rating during sweeps, which is a 25% improvement over her debut week. For the season to date Allred’s show rates .5 as well, which is 625000 viewers a day.

Among other talk shows Ellen did a 2.5 rating and season to date has a 2.4 rating, which is 3.2 million viewers a day.

Maury rated 2.4 during sweeps and has a 2.3-rating season to date, which is 3.2 million viewers a day.