Regis Philbin on Retiring: 'No, I Am Not Sick'

Regis Philbin - Live with Regis and Kelly - 2010
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He declines a Letterman request to share the Top Ten Reason He's Really Leaving 'Live!'


When Regis Philbin announced Tuesday that he was leaving Live! after 23 years, he was flooded with calls from worried fans that something was wrong.
"No, I'm not sick," he declared on his morning morning chatfast Wednesday.
Showing off newspaper clips with stories about his retirement news, he added, "I don't want to get morbid about this but I almost felt like I was looking at my obituary," he said.
Don Rickles left him a message: "I hope you're alright," Philbin said. "I guess you'll be moving to a trailer park. Stay in touch."
He also said a Letterman exec called to ask him to do a Top Ten Reasons He's Really Leaving segment.
"'No!' I said," Philbin told cohost Kelly Ripa.
Still, he is grateful for all the interest in his move.
"Thanks, everybody, for a terrific sendoff," he said.
As for news of his replacement, Ripa joked, "I heard 50 Cent!"