Regulator Denies MuchMusic's Bid to Air Half as Many Music Videos

CRTC did agree to allow the music channel to broadcast more feature films, but also rejected more lifestyle programming and less Canadian content.

TORONTO -- Canada's TV regulator has denied a bid by cable music video channel MuchMusic to become HalfasMuchMusic.

MuchMusic-parent CTV asked the CRTC to amend the broadcast license for the cable channel so music videos would go from 50% to 25% of the programming schedule. 

The request came as music videos, once the preserve of MuchMusic when it launched in 1984 to mirror the success of MTV stateside, can be widely seen on Youtube, mobile phones and other emerging digital platforms.

Maybe so, but the CRTC denied the CTV bid anyways, which included requests for MuchMusic to air more lifestyle programming and less Canadian content.

The CRTC did agree to see more feature films air on MuchMusic, which already air Friday nights under  the MuchMovie banner.

The Canadian cable channel is best known for its MuchMusic Video Awards held each June in Toronto.