Reid Scott Previews "Satisfying" Final Season of 'Veep'

"It's so satisfying because we pull things from season one and season two that were sort of open-ended,” Scott revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Reid Scott says he has officially embraced his place in Hollywood as "Dan," the name that has followed him in both the recent feature film Venom as Dr. Dan Lewis and the Emmy Award-winning HBO comedy Veep as Dan Egan. 

"I now have it in my contract that whatever character they ask me to play, they have to change the name to 'Dan' because I can’t keep track. I just want it to be easy,” the actor joked to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ruben Fleischer, the director of Venom, made sure to inject comedy into his debut Marvel film in order for Reid to navigate his love triangle with co-stars Tom Hardy (Eddie Brock/Venom) and Michelle Williams (Anna Weying). 

"[Fleischer] and I really liked the idea of Dr. Lewis legitimately [thinking] that Eddie Brock was just awesome — like he sort of had a kind of a guy crush on Brock. So, he in no way feels threatened by him. It's sort of like, 'This is so cool that my current girlfriend used to bang Eddie,'" said Scott.

The actor is also gearing up for his final season of Veep, which he called bittersweet. “We got Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] back and she took her cancer [diagnosis] very seriously. [The cast] was scared for her,” revealed Scott. “[Louis-Dreyfus] pulled it off and she's back and she's just as strong as she ever was. I think we're just thrilled to have her back because not only can the show go on for this last season, but you know, we just love her.”

Veep’s final season will be as complicated as ever, according to Scott, who admitted that the season will be moving along faster than usual. 

"There are more and more characters, just a swirling commotion. This season, I think, tops all that. It's so satisfying because we pull things from season one and season two that were sort of open-ended,” he revealed. 

Scott told THR how the political satire show often mirrors the current climate in our country, and that it has become hard to outdo the current administration.  

"Both sides of the aisle seem to think that we're sort of taking the piss out of the other side, which is great," he said. "Our poor writers are coming up with the craziest stuff and the next day it happens — it's really weird." 

The versatile actor will soon be seen in Mindy Kaling's film Late Night, which explores the world of comedy television after dark, starring Emma Thompson. "I play one of her young head writers and Mindy plays the fish out of water — she's the girl breaking into the boy's club, essentially," said Scott. "It's so topical with so many issues that are swirling today, but on top of that it's also got a lot of heart and it's just funny." 

Watch the video above to hear Scott discuss his love of comic books growing up, the possibility of Venom doing a crossover with A Star Is Born and more. HBO's Veep is set to return in the spring.