Relativity to Program and Develop Digital Content for Lexus' L/Studio (Exclusive)

Interns Poster Art - P 2015
Courtesy of Relativity

Interns Poster Art - P 2015

Relativity Digital Studios has already produced a number of programs for the online network, including workplace comedy 'Interns' and mocumentary series 'Cop Show.'

Relativity Digital Studio is revving the engine on a partnership with Lexus. 

The digital arm of Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media has struck a deal to program and develop content for Lexus' L/Studio online network. Under the pact, RDS will collaborate with Lexus on original content for the platform that leverages Relativity's film, sports, fashion and music divisions. Relativity will also look for opportunities to integrate the Lexus brand across its ecosystem. 

This is one of the first major deals struck by RDS president Lisa Eisenpresser since she joined Relativity in November last year. "This is an exciting time for Relativity Digital Studios as we continue to build our digital presence with compelling, premium content that re-writes the rules for how brands connect with audiences," Eisenpresser said. “Our partnership with Lexus and its award-winning L/Studio platform further cements our commitment to creating a home devoted to amplifying the voices of today’s best and tomorrow’s next great storytellers." 

Lexus launched L/Studio as an experimental creative forum in 2008 with Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy as its flagship series. The show, which features Kudrow as a therapist who conducts her sessions via webcam, was adapted into a half-hour Showtime series in 2011, but has continued to stream as a web series. New episodes of Web Therapy moved to YouTube network StyleHaul in June of last year, but L/Studio continues to stream past episodes. 

RDS has already produced several programs for L/Studio, including workplace comedy Interns from creators Michael Gallagher and Steve Green. RDS and L/Studio also recently announced mocumentary series Cop Show, which features a behind-the-scenes look at Colin Quinn as he tries to make a New York City cop show. Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan and other comedians guest star. 

"Curating entertaining content to engage our L/Studio fans is challenging," said Lexus vp marketing Brian Smith. "We're constantly seeking ways to build and evolve this platform with different genres and talent. Partnering with Relativity opens up a broad network of opportunities, and their experience in content production aligns with our goal to captivate fans."