Reliance company basks in 'Avatar' glory

Lowry Digital part of Oscar-winning visual effects team

NEW DELHI -- With "Avatar" bagging the best visual effects Oscar, one of the film's service providers Lowry Digital, owned by Reliance MediaWorks, is also basking in the glory.

"We are thrilled that Lowry Digital was selected by a true Hollywood visionary like James Cameron for this landmark 3D film and the success of this creative combination can be witnessed through 'Avatar's' winning of technical accolades at the Oscars," RMW CEO Anil Arjun said in a statement Tuesday.

Burbank-based Lowry Digital applied its proprietary digital image processing technology to enhance imagery for "Avatar."

Previously owned by DTS Inc. as DTS Digital Images, Lowry Digital was acquired in 2008 by RMW for about $7.5 million in cash, signaling DTS's exit from the image enhancement and restoration services business. DTS Inc. is a pioneer in multi-channel audio known for its DTS decoders featured in 5.1-channel sound processing equipment.

"Lowry Digital's innovative digital image processing helped us create the wholly immersive world that Jim [Cameron] imagined. We brought Lowry in to clean up and enhance live-action scenes where necessary, allowing us to present 3-D images with unprecedented quality," Cameron's Lighstorm Entertainment COO and "Avatar" producer Jon Landau added in a statement.

Lowry Digital has also worked for previous Cameron projects such as "Aliens of the Deep," "Last Mysteries of the Titanic," and the high-definition home video releases of "Terminator," "Aliens" and "True Lies."

"To achieve the truly immersive experience Jim desired for 'Avatar,' the picture quality bar was set extremely high," added Lowry Digital executive vp Mike Inchalik. "But that's only half the story. In addition to the challenging quality goal, there were so many pixels to process, and so little time."