Reliance Opens New Studio Facility in Mumbai

Dreamworks' partner claims the new facilities are Hollywood-quality.

NEW DELHI -- Reliance MediaWorks will open a new studio this week in Mumbai's Film City complex that the company claims is India's first "Hollywood-benchmarked" facility, offering super silent "sync sound" capable sound stages.

RMW (owned by DreamWorks' equal partner Reliance Big Entertainment) already owns an extensive facility offering film processing and other services.

Built at an estimated cost of about 1 billion rupees ($22 million), the studios includes eight sound stages spread across 200,000 square feet and are designed by Los Angeles-based Wylie Carter & Associates whose projects include some of the newer stages at Disney Studios, Hollywood Centre Studios and Raleigh Studios. 

"We are pleased to offer these state-of-the-art facilities which will target both international productions and the already burgeoning Indian film industry," RMW CEO Anil Arjun told The Hollywood Reporter.

The sound stages are considered to be the highest in Mumbai with a height of 55 feet, with the facility following fire protection norms as per Los Angeles County Fire Department regulations for studios.

The second phase of the studios - slated for August - will include an extensive inventory of lights, grip equipment and a specialized permanent green screen stage.