Remy Pflimlin named France Televisions CEO

President Sarkozy chooses head of French public TV group

PARIS -- French public TV group France Televisions will get a summer facelift when Remy Pflimlin replaces Patrick de Carolis as CEO of the group in August, France Televisions said Monday.

President Nicolas Sarkozy has chosen Pflimlin after months of speculation over who would replace De Carolis as head of the state-owned group of public TV networks. Pflimlin is the first head of France Televisions chosen by the state as part of a nationwide public audiovisual sector reform movement.

Pflimlin is no stranger to the group after having served as general director of France 3 from 1999 to 2005. The 56-year-old exec has since been running press distribution and commercialization company Presstalis.

Pflimlin will start his new job on Aug. 23 if the appointment is approved by government audiovisual regulation authority the CSA on Thursday.