Rena Ronson lands at UTA

Indie film veteran will help run the Independent Film Group

Rena Ronson, the former co-chief of William Morris Independent, is landing at a new agency.

The indie film vet is joining UTA, where she will run the shop's Independent Film Group with fellow co-head Rich Klubeck.

Ronson earned a strong reputation in indie circles over more than a decade with William Morris, helping to locate financing for, package and represent pics ranging from specialty hits such as "Away from Her," "Monster's Ball" and "Thank You For Smoking" to critical darlings like "Half Nelson," "Trumbo" and "Amreeka."

She was also instrumental in organizing the so-called Cha Cha Cha deal that resulted in a group of development and production projects for high-profile Mexican helmers and helped launch Incentive, the film fund that WMI put together with Screen Media Capital in 2008. She previously headed Lakeshore's international division.

Ronson left William Morris in May as the company completed its merger with Endeavor and its indie film group.

UTA noted that Ronson "will join Rich Klubeck in overseeing an indie group known for packaging and/or representing many of the highest-profile and critically-praised independently financed films from filmmakers."

UTA's indie group has packaged and sold a number of pics over the past several years, including critical favorite "Synecdoche, New York" out of the Festival de Cannes two years go and the Michael Cera faux documentary "Paper Heart" at Sundance last year.