Renfro died of accidental heroin overdose


The coroner says Brad Renfro died of a overdose of heroin and morphine.

The troubled 25-year-old actor, who was found dead on Jan. 15, publicly struggled with drugs and alcohol.

Renfro launched to fame when he was plucked from obscurity in 1993 to play the title role in "The Client." He got the part after a police officer saw him in an anti-drug skit and told a casting director about the boy.

Renfro followed up with major parts in the 1995 AIDS drama "The Cure," the 1997 "Sleepers," and "Telling Lies in America," also 1997.

Renfro recently completed a role in "The Informers," a film adaptation of a Bret Easton Ellis novel that stars Winona Ryder, Brandon Routh and Billy Bob Thornton.