Rep shift: Vaughn joins CAA; Brody on own


A couple of A-listers have ditched their digs, opting to shake up those who pocket 10% of their take.

Vince Vaughn has untethered himself from UTA and manager Eric Gold and jumped over to CAA. He remains with attorney Deborah Klein.

In a seperate development, Adrien Brody has severed ties with CAA after five years of representation, opting not to join another agency at this time. He is repped by Red Hawk Management.

Vaughn had been with UTA through most of his career, from before his breakout in "Swingers." He hooked up with Gold prior to making "Old School," which re-established Vaughn as a comedy star. His most recent movie was "Fred Claus," for which he recieved a $20 million payday. The comedy underwhelmed at the boxoffice and played a part in the split, according to sources. He is now shooting the New Line comedy "Four Christmases."

Vaughn's move to CAA is not a surprise as the agency recently has absorbed some of UTA's comedy players, including Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell and Tom Shadyac.

UTA reps Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Jack Black, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, among others.

Brody won an Oscar for his lead role in 2002's "The Pianist." He joined CAA in 2003 and went on to star in such films as "The Village," "King Kong" and "The Darjeeling Limited." His upcoming films include "The Brothers Bloom" and the sci-fi horror film "Splice."

"Brody decided to take his career in a different direction," one insider said.