The Report: Battle for the Globes

Are the Golden Globes being hijacked?

That’s the theory behind the explosive lawsuit filed Nov. 17 by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association against Dick Clark Prods. The suit alleges DCP, which produces the Globes telecast and splits the $14 million NBC pays to broadcast the show, met in secret in October with the network and negotiated a contract extension to produce the primetime show until 2018 without including the HFPA, which is about to enter into talks for  its own lucrative deal.

This despite an alleged February e-mail from DCP parent company’s Mark Shapiro to HFPA topper Philip Berk claiming, “I would never make a move on a network renewal or new home without your involvement.” DCP lawyers say the case has no merit and NBC executives aren’t talking, but sources close to the network say it believes its negotiation was appropriate because DCP has for years represented HFPA in deal talks.