Report: Dan Glickman to exit MPAA in 2010

Says he'll step down at end of contract next September

NEW YORK - Dan Glickman has made it official that he will leave the post of MPAA chairman and CEO when his contract expires in Sept. 2010.

He divulged the plan in a conversation with, which published the report late Sunday.

The news comes after the quiet departures of several MPAA executives over last few months and repeated industry criticism that his record has been mixed at best.

His early heads-up is likely to lead to some jockeying for positions in the race for his succession.

As likely candidates for the top MPAA post, Politico mentioned the likes of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Rep. Harold Ford Jr., Rep. Howard Berman (D-California), MPAA COO Bob Pisano, the group's federal affairs guru Michael O'Leary, Richard Bates and Universal Music lobbyist Matt Gerson.

Ford is currently favored by most  of the studios, but that could change as the competition heats up.

Glickman has held the post as head of the lobby for Hollywood studios for five years.

"My guess is that I’ll end up in the nonprofit or academic world," Glickman told Politico. "People who know me know I’ve had these great extracurricular interests that have been very significant in driving me."