Report: 'Early Show' Revamp 'Won't Work'

John P. Filo/CBS Broadcasting Inc.

CBS NEWS'  New Team for "THE EARLY SHOW" Erica Hill and Chris Wragge Named Co-anchors, Jeff Glor is named News Anchor and Marysol Castro is named Weather Anchor. The new team premieres on Monday, Jan. 3. Photo left-right: Jeff Glor, Erica Hill, Chris Wragge and Marysol Castro together for the first time as the new CBS Early Show Team.

CBS' revamp of its Early Show "won't work," according to the New York Times. Media reporter David Carr wrote that replacing ousted anchors Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez with Chris Wragge and Erica Hill will do little to boost ratings: "Calling up the farm team isn't going to have millions of Americans waking up and saying, 'Hey, let's see what the new guys are doing over at CBS."

Carr argued that because broadcast television is built on habit, The Early Show has little chance of gaining traction in the ratings. Similarly, The Today Show, which has nearly twice the viewers of The Early Show, will continue to dominate morning television because viewers are conditioned to watch it, not because of who hosts it.

For The Early Show to claw out of the ratings basement, Carr suggests a format change that might include aiming for a younger target audience, being more webcentric, or moving headquarters to a place other than New York City.