Report: EU has about 6,500 TV channels

U.K. leads with 883; Germany, 300; Italy, 284

BRUSSELS -- There are almost as many porn TV channels in Europe as there are TV channels in Spain, the European Audiovisual Observatory revealed Wednesday.

Adult and erotic audiences can count on no fewer than 190 separate channels, while the entire Spanish national market has just 199, the Strasbourg-based EAO said.

The figures, drawing on the EAO's newly created Mavise database, show European audiences have a choice of about 6,500 TV channels.

Of the 5,068 active channels registered in the database, 381 are national terrestrial channels, 2,473 are national cable, satellite or IPTV channels and 1,809 are regional and local channels.

The U.K. has by far the most, with 883, compared with 300 in Germany, 284 in Italy and 252 in France. Britain's leading position is explained not only by the large number of thematic channels but also by those set up in the country and targeting other European countries.

Only 376 channels can be described as generalist, while there are 333 for film, 324 for sports, 238 for music, 201 for news and business, 189 for children, 149 for religion, 135 for documentaries, 103 for home shopping, 26 for games, 26 for travel, 20 for government/parliament and nine weather channels.