Report: Mediaset sees Sky Italia on rise


ROME -- Mediaset is looking to develop its presence on satellite networks and online and can foresee a day when its chief rival is News Corp.'s Sky Italia rather than state broadcaster RAI, according to a story set to run Tuesday in Digital Sat magazine.

A spokesman for Mediaset -- the broadcast giant controlled by media tycoon and former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi -- declined comment on the piece.

According to the story, Mediaset sees the duopoly between Mediaset and RAI shifting to one between Mediaset and Sky.

Mediaset and RAI control a combined six out of seven traditional national networks and more than 90% of all viewer hours. But Sky is the dominant player in the satellite television sector, where both Mediaset and RAI have a limited presence.

According to the story, Mediaset's satellite ambitions include the broadcast of films, sporting events and news.