The Report: OWN By the Numbers

1 REP Oprah
Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

It’s finally here. Inside Oprah’s path to cable.

3: Number of years since channel was announced

7 million: Number of viewers who watch The Oprah Winfrey Show each day

507,000: Viewers in 25-54 demo who watched OWN in primetime Jan. 1

279: Channel OWN occupies on DirecTV.  ( features a “channel finder” for lost viewers)

85 million: Number of Discovery Health subscribers OWN inherited

3-7 cents: Amount earned per subscriber for Discovery Health

20-30 cents: Amount OWN hopes to get per subscriber

70: Number of hours a year Winfrey will appear on OWN, per her contract with Discovery (up from 35 in original contract)

600: Target number of hours of original and acquired programming in 2011

$100 million: Startup cash kicked in by Discovery Communications

$89 million: Amount Discovery lent Winfrey in August — to be paid back with interest when the channel turns a profit