The Report: Olbermann Quiz

Keith Olbermann

Donating to Dems isn't the first time he's angered an employer. Which of these smooth moves isn't his?

1. Referring to his employer’s headquarters as a “godforsaken place” during an appearance on The Daily Show.

2. Complaining on-air about his network’s tawdry coverage of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

3. Reporting on the secret business dealings of his network’s parent company, prompting its chairman to announce: “I fired him. He’s crazy.”

4. Leaving a job to become a political reporter in the run-up to the Iraq War.

5. Referring to a female Fox News anchor as “a tranny in a cheap blond wig.”


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ANSWERS: 1. Real! In 1997, Olbermann left ESPN in wake of disparaging comments about Bristol, Conn. 2. Real! Olbermann’s complaints led to his exit from MSNBC’s The Big Show. 3. Real! Olbermann left Fox Sports in 2001 after reporting that parent News Corp. was looking to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers (which didn’t happen until 2004). 4. Real! Olbermann was offering twice-daily sports commentary on the ABC Radio Network until the Sept. 11 attacks prompted him to quit and return to news reporting. 5. Fake! (Although it does sound like something he might say.)