Report: Ousted Google CEO Eric Schmidt Is Eyeing a TV Career

Eric Schmidt - Speaks At Council - 2010
JB Reed/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The chairman – who is getting a $100 million award as he steps down from his post atop the Internet giant - reportedly filmed a CNN pilot last year.

NEW YORK – Eric Schmidt is getting a big stock award out of leaving the top day-to-day operating job at Google, and there may be a TV show in his future at some point as well. 

Google is giving a $100 million equity award to Schmidt, who in April will leave the CEO post to company co-founder Larry Page and focus on the chairman role, the Wall Street Journal reported.

A Google spokeswoman told the paper that this is the first such award for Schmidt since he joined the Internet firm in 2001. It includes stock and stock options and vests over four years.

Schmidt's equity award is highly unusual, the Journal said, citing compensation experts. Most such awards are going to new CEOs. The paper said it is the largest in grant-value dollars for a sitting CEO since Motorola awarded a grant valued at $103 million to its then co-CEO in Aug. 2008.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported that Schmidt has been consulting with Liza McGuirk, executive producer of CNN's Parker Spitzer, on developing a show featuring him as host.

He used to be a regular guest on foreign affairs show Fareed Zakaria GPS, which McGuirk executive produced, and Schmidt filmed a CNN pilot, overseen by her, in August, the Post said.