The Report: Paparazzi Heaven

58 REP Chateau Marmont
Mark Savage/Corbis

Beware: New list tracks top spots for spotting famous.

Since Nov. 1, a startup called has been monitoring the whereabouts of celebrities based on messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. While LAX is by far the most-mentioned location where the public sees familiar faces, industry hangouts make up the next 10 spots on the list. So if you don’t want to be noticed, these are the places to avoid. ­

  1. The Grove — Los Angeles
  2. Katsuya Hollywood — Los Angeles
  3. The Dorchester — London
  4. Madeo — Los Angeles
  5. La Esquina — New York
  6. Miami Beach — Miami
  7. Chateau Marmont — Los Angeles
  8. The Savoy — London
  9. The Four Seasons — Washington
  10. Whole Foods — West Hollywood