The Report: Russell Crowe vs. the Media

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images
Crowe is doing press for "The Next Three Days," out Nov. 19.

Be thankful you're not Robin Baum, "The Next Three Days" star's publicist.

“A bunch of blank space that’s filled in with stuff … which is not real, and you know it’s not real, and I know it’s not real.” — Crowe on the Los Angeles Times, to the Los Angeles Times on Nov. 13

“If I really would allow that to happen, I probably would have played him with one eye and a limp. And probably in spandex.” — Crowe to Matt Lauer on Today, when asked in 1999 whether his hatred of the media impacted him playing a journalist in State of Play

“A waste of paper written by a lying horse’s ass.” — Crowe on journalist Nicole LaPorte’s book about DreamWorks, which details his behavior on the set of Gladiator, posted in April on Twitter

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