The Report: Russell Crowe vs. the Media

Issue 54 - Russell Crowe vs. The Media
Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Be thankful you're not Robin Baum, "The Next Three Days" star's publicist.

“A bunch of blank space that’s filled in with stuff … which is not real, and you know it’s not real, and I know it’s not real.” — Crowe on the Los Angeles Times, to the Los Angeles Times on Nov. 13

“If I really would allow that to happen, I probably would have played him with one eye and a limp. And probably in spandex.” — Crowe to Matt Lauer on Today, when asked in 1999 whether his hatred of the media impacted him playing a journalist in State of Play

“A waste of paper written by a lying horse’s ass.” — Crowe on journalist Nicole LaPorte’s book about DreamWorks, which details his behavior on the set of Gladiator, posted in April on Twitter