The Report: Yes, I Did Say That!

Art Streiber/Turner
Conan O'Brien

A look at who's saying what in Hollywood.

The entertainment business has an amazing way of turning really lucky people into bitter, angry, rage-filled, jealous, resentful wretches who can't believe they got screwed."

-- Conan O'Brien, discussing his NBC Tonight Show debacle.

"Good actors never use the script unless it's amazing writing. All the good actors I've worked with, they all say whatever they want to say."

-- Jessica Alba, on acting

"Oh, Jessica. ... Following your logic, you've never been in a movie with both good actors and amazing writing. That may be true, but it might hurt the feelings of David Wain, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller."

-- John AugustThe Big Fish screenwriter name-checking writers of some of Alba's movies in response to her comment .

"I have a huge heartbreak. I have incredible sadness...A piece of me has been
dented forever."

-- Guillermo del Toro, the director, who walked away from The Hobbit in May (now helmed by Peter Jackson), on his regret.

"[MySpace] needs to show real progress in the coming quarters, not years."

-- Chase Carey, the News Corp. president, COOand deputy chairman, discussing the
online social network's redesign.

"If Meg Whitman is okay losing $141 million on this election... I'd bet someone could convince her to start funding independent films."

-- Richard Kelly, the Donnie Darko director, tweeting after the mid-term elections Nov. 2.

"Launching Gmail on April Fools' Day, which was widely misinterpreted."

-- Marissa Mayer, Google exec, discussing her company's three main mistakes.

"It's a very unpleasant way of doing business."

-- Tom Rutledge, Cablevision Systems COO, on his company's

"I think Meryl [Streep] is doing it great. The stupid b---h is doing it better than all of us! But I don't like it. It's getting in my way. I have a job to do, and it's making my job harder."

-- Cher, on aging and remaining in the business.

"It's stimulating working with him, and it doesn't seem like it's going to be, because he looks sleepy!"

-- Danny Boyle, on his 127 Hours star James Franco